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"Live life as though nobody is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening." ~ Nelson Mandela

For those unfamiliar with the work of art depicted below, this is Van Gogh's painting " The Starry Night". According to various sources, the painting is a reflection of the artist's memories and emotions of a view he once saw. You may not want or need to understand the sentiment behind this masterpiece, but doesn't it feel empowering knowing that someone out there expressed himself so beautifully by just painting what he saw every night, something he loved? Does this mean we're all capable of expressing the hidden parts of ourselves?

Quick reminder: The image and description aren't meant to set a high standard for you to express yourself. It's merely a piece I find motivating and inspirational when I need a little push to express myself. Take these articles I write. I proofread them like five to seven times before publishing because a part of me is constantly shouting at me, "Don't make a fool of yourself!". It's no use denying it because each one of us has this annoying little voice in us. Vexing, right? However, I just hit the publish button when this voice becomes a noise, ignoring the thought of any horrible comments I could receive, with the help of this picture. This doesn't mean that you'll be embarrassed every time you express yourself. It means that you have so much confidence and faith in yourself that you'll look at every comment as constructive criticism, which is always beneficial for one.

What's a singer known for? Music. What's an actor known for? Acting. So, what is singing and acting? They're forms of EXPRESSION. These people are successful because they took a chance and expressed themselves vehemently. The same goes for any artist, teacher or even a blue-collar worker!

Now comes the question of why expressing yourself is essential.

  • To let go of anxiety, stress, anger or fear: We've often heard people advising us to jot down whatever we feel or think. You may think it's silly and there's no point in doing that, but you're mistaken, my friend. Words have an unexplainable power and magic. Instead of telling every other person about your feelings and struggles, just write them down! How hard is that? I guarantee you it will make all the difference in the world. When you write about your thoughts and feelings, it's as if you're letting go of whatever was weighing you down. Now, who wouldn't want that?

  • To showcase skills and talents: Again, take the renowned musicians, actors, artists, poets, teachers, authors, anchors and countless others who've made a mark on the world by showing everyone what they're capable of. One way or another, they also vent out their emotions, but creatively, reaping the benefits of their talents.

I don't think there's other proof needed to convince one that expression is the best therapy for a troubled soul. There are countless ways you can do that. Join an acting class, journal every day, try out a new sport or join an art class, you could have a knack for any of these things and not even know it. One should never apologise for being who one is. That's how simple expressing yourself is! Just be who you are and not how you think you should be based on others' expectations. You live to make yourself happy, not everyone else. Why not express yourself instead of keeping your true self hidden in the shadows?

I've had a writing block for a while now, mostly because of my crazy schedule, thus the huge gap between the latest and previous posts. But writing this article has helped me return to the flow so I can keep on expressing myself, which is exceptionally relaxing, given today's chaotic times. If I can do this, so can you!

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

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