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"One today is worth two tomorrows." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Not gonna lie, I was utterly confused when I initially read what Mr Franklin said here. I bet you are too! But if you try to understand this, you'll realise that it's that truth of life that not many understand. It means that the future is full of uncertainty, which makes the present worth a lot more. We could rack our brains thinking about that test or meeting that's gonna take place a day or two later, but we still won't know what's gonna happen then, thus wasting our precious present time.

We're all familiar with "Time and tide wait for none" right? It's a basic common proverb we learn when we're in fifth or sixth grade. We should all make this a mantra in our lives, for there are times when we slack and procrastinate regarding our work, and then panic when the deadline nears. Time once gone doesn't return. Every second that you waste, someone out there is getting smarter and a step closer to success than you. That alone should be motivating enough for you to value time and work hard if not anything else.

We often complain about our busy schedules and not having time to do anything we wish to during the day as we grow up. To all such people out there, that's what the concept of time management is for! Make a timetable, even though it feels childish sometimes, and then follow it religiously. And just keep the thought in your mind that you're utilising your time productively for yourself, not someone else. Don't you want to live that big, carefree life?

Before you go, I must share with you this beautiful saying I heard in the amusing and enjoyable movie of Kung Fu Panda (a must-watch by the way!).

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present!

As the saying goes, enjoy the present! You're going to experience the future anyway so why worry about it?

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